Isokinetic Testing and Training

SportsCare Physical Therapy is the only facility in the area that offers isokinetic testing and training. We utilize the Biodex System IV for our isokinetic applications.

Isokinetic testing is the standard for muscle and joint assessment.

  • This highly technical computerized robotic dynamometer is used in the athletic training rooms of 37 professional sports teams.
  • The Biodex System IV is used for testing neuromuscular strength (and other parameters such as acceleration, power, and work).
  • The results of these tests provide patients and their clinicians a fast, effective, documented return to function by comparing results of the injured joint/muscle to the uninvolved extremity as well as to normative values.
  • Research, along with over 25 years of clinical application, has demonstrated that isokinetic resistance is a safe, objective means to quantify physical impairments with a high correlation to function.
  • The data produced by Biodex is so consistent, accurate, and objective that it is used in the best research laboratories worldwide.

The Biodex can also be used for exercising. Its unique impact-free acceleration and deceleration eliminate joint trauma, allowing patients to exercise at higher functional speeds. The Biodex can also safely isolate eccentric (negative) muscle contractions, which is important in treating many types of tendon injuries.

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