SportsCare Physical Therapy Coronavirus Action Plan

Dear Patients of SportsCare,

The staff at SportsCare is closely monitoring the spread of coronavirus and we are taking measures to mitigate the impact on our patients and staff.  After a patient leaves a table, the top is disinfected, pillowcases changed, and new exam paper is placed over both.  We use SaniZide Pro 1 cleaner, which is listed as a product to be used to control the coronavirus outbreak by The American Chemistry Council’s Center for Biocide Chemistries and is pre-approved by the EPA.  We have sanitation stations throughout the clinic with disinfection wipes and trash cans for patients to wipe off handles of the equipment when done with their exercise.  Additionally, the equipment and bathrooms are sanitized throughout the day. Per OSHA guidelines, Clorox is added to each wash load. And of course, our therapists disinfect their hands between each patient encounter.

We ask that all patients and their guests to please reschedule appointments if you have fever, nausea, chills/sweats, symptoms of respiratory infection, or have been exposed to a person with coronavirus or the flu or any other communicable disease. Also, you should not schedule with us if you have not self-quarantined yourself for 14 days after returning from a foreign country or cruise ship.  We have posted signs in our office, will be asking screening questions, and we will continue following along closely via the CDC with management of this disease. 

While you are in our office, and in general for your own health, we please ask that you wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your nose and face and maintain overall cleanliness. This will help us keep our patients and staff safe. 

Thank you for your cooperation.